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Jul 10


Top 100 Favorite Films Countdown: 66/100

Twelve Monkeys (1995, Terry Gilliam)

Jul 9


Endless list of beautiful cinematography

Brazil (1985)

Director of Photography: Roger Pratt

Jun 26


Lore | Cate Shortland, 2012

Jun 26


Film Stills from The Road

Director: John Hillcoat


Jun 26


The Films of Stanley Kubrick.

A Clockwork Orange, 1970-71.

Lolita, 1960-62.

Barry Lyndon, 1973-75.

Full Metal Jacket, 1987.

Full Metal Jacket, 1987.

2001: A Space Odyssey, 1965-68.

Stanley Kubrick, Director, on the set of Paths of Glory, 1957.

Stanley Kubrick, Director, during the filming 2001: A Space Odyssey, 1965-68.

Jun 24


The Rover (2014) - Directed by David Michod

Jun 22

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Jun 22

Endless list of beautiful cinematography

In a World… (2014)

Director of Photography: Seamus Tierney

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Jun 22


Ratcatcher (1999) - Lynne Ramsay

Jun 22

Morvern Callar — dir. Lynne Ramsay

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Jun 22

You don’t look happy.

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Jun 22

So, you are on your knees? Good. Now die to yourself. To your idea of yourself. Everything you think you are, you are not.Top of the Lake (Jane Campion, 2013) 

A woman on her knees is a recurring image on Jane Campion’s filmography: 

The Piano (1993)

The Portrait of a Lady (1996)

In the Cut (2003)

Bright Star (2009)

Top of the Lake (2013)

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Jun 22


Top of the Lake (2013)

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Jun 22


Favorite films: The Piano (New Zealand/Australia/France, 1993)

Director: Jane Campion

Jun 22


Bright Star (2009) dir. Jane Campion